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Include iteams, abilities and all the regular stuff. Also please make sure it is in an importable format.
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This is for competitive, right? What competitive battling format are you asking about?
Ambipom was a popular one in the few years after it released. Fake Out + Last Resort was the combo used: but like every Last Resort set, it was very gimmicky and not really worth your time.
This can be for any form of single battle. OU, UU, RU, PU, ZU e.c.t

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The only two remotely common users of Last Resort are Eevee (who needs Eevium Z to power up that move into Extreme Evoboost) and Komala (who can run a Choice Band set of Sleep Talk, Last Resort, and two empty moveslots to unleash ferociously powerful Last Resorts every turn, at the cost of not being able to do anything else).

you could also run a silk scarf Ambipom with Fake Out and Last Resort
My friend has Stoutland with Protect and Last Resort.
That's Choice Scarf. Silk Scarf allows you to switch moves just fine, and gives a 20% boost to those moves instead of the 50% boost of Choice Band, or the 50% speed boost from Choice Scarf.
I knew that