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Because max moves replace your move slots, do they count towards being able to use last resort? Or would you have to use their normal counterparts to be able to use it?

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Yeah.  Pretty sure Max Moves are independent.
Contrary to you all, I think Max moves would count. They use up 1 PP of the move that they were upgraded from, so I don't see why it wouldn't count.
Not sure if you mean this but: http://pokemondatabase.psim.us/battle-gen8anythinggoes-6931
Last resort does work
Ok cool but the replay doesn't work
Oh woops i forgot to save it smh

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Max Moves count towards the moves used for Last Resort. For example you can use 3 Max Moves and after the Pokémon reverted to its original form you can use Last Resort. You can also use for example 1 Max Moves and 2 normal moves and then use Last Resort too.

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I'm sorry but this trick only works with Pokemon Showdown. I tried using it with my Snorlax in Pokemon Shield and it didn't work at all. I Dynamaxed it and used 3 different Max Moves and Last Resort when it reverted back to normal and it said "But it failed!"
Not everything that worked in Showdown would work in the actual games and there are nothing we can do about it. Oh well...