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It's like if you have Rock Tomb and Stone Edge. Does Stone Edge as Max Rockfall do more damage because it has a higher Base Power.

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Similar to Z-Moves, the type, damage category and base power of Max Moves that a Dynamax Pokémon knows depend on the moves it knew before Dynamaxing. The exception to this are status moves, which instead all become the Normal-type Max Guard.

So yes, the base move affects the power. For your example, a Max Rockfall with a base move of Rock Tomb will have a base power of 110 compared to 130 if the base move was Stone Edge.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Max_Rockfall_(move)

thx that helped bc i was just using random same max move i didnt know they were differnet bc i realized they were doing dif damage againts the same pokemon and im also assuming this is the same with gmax moves
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