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So for the base power moves I hypothesized(Base power x stat modifier = new base power) but for the stats like speed and defense that's where I got confused.

Huh? You mean like Iron Defense raises Defense by 2 stages?

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It's the same as the attack and base power

Using X-Defense will increase your stat by one stage (0.5%)
As an example Aggron has a defense stat of 300, after using X-Defense it will increase to 450 (0.5% of 300 is 150 add that to original stat)
Any new items I will calculate them too just ask! :D

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So Basically, for every stat modifier, you just multiply by x0.5 ?
That's for the 1st stat modifier right? So let's say we have used sword dance 3 times (maximum boost), is the attack stat modified 6 times or just 1 time x6? e.g X has attack stat of 160, is the stat boosted as 160 x 6 or 160 x 1.5 = XX x 2 = XX x 2.5 = XX and so on?
Ok so if you use swords dance it increases by 1.0 effectively doubling it, use that 3 times and well 3.0 = x4 of stat.