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Licklicky STAB would be 1.5x
Silk Scarf would add 1.2x
Defense Halve (prior to Gen V) would be 2.0x
Helping Hand would be 1.5x
(this move I'm talking about is Explosion)

So I added these up and got 1350 and I'm just wondering if there is a base power cap of 999.

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1350 damage? It this were true then the only way to test it would be ''hack''. No other way to test a pokemon's def.sp.def hp to withstand that much damage unless they hacked… Black 2 white 2 allowed max HP so could've been useful for this answer above...
I meant base power of 1350 not damage
oh and add Adaptability to that (via Skill Swap) and it will have 2700 base power!

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No, as that takes away a lot of strategies such as the one you are mentioning. Consider Belly Drum, if there is a cap then it takes away the point of this move. There is always a base cap, but there is no in battle cap.

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