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My scizor has this move set
Scizor(M) @ Quick Claw
Trait: Technician
-Bullet Punch
-Aerial Ace
-Swords Dance
-Bug Bite

My Togekiss has this moveset
Togekiss (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Serene Grace
-Thunder Wave
-Air Slash
-Aura Sphere

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In Generation 6, Scizor is only good with a Scizorite or a choice band, and it needs U-turn. Wish on Togekiss is outclassed by roost. Togekiss is also much better at being a heal bell and defog support or a special sweeper than trying to make the opponent flinch every turn. Once you fix the movesets, then which is better depends on the rest of your team.
Thank you your comment is noted but I'm using these specific movesets for a bit of flawed research I guess you could say and I was never good at decisions
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Mm no point it just seemed like a bug or something and decided to see if you can select your own answer you can btw and I was going to see if that was something I needed to report on the meta it might still be needed to it gives you two points for selecting an answer lol.

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Scizor would be good, use Heatran as teammate. When your opponent use a fire type Pokemon against you, just switch out to Heatran for Flash Fire boost. sumwun is right, Quick Claw is a bad item for Scizor. Your moveset isn't good, you can use U-turn instead of Bug bite to switch out, but if you don't want to use a TM, then use Bug bite . Aerial Ace should be removed for Knock off.

Togekiss is a good paraflincher, like Jirachi. Wish is a very bad move for Togekiss if you don't have Protect and A status inducing move (Can it learn Toxic?) Use Roost. Keep a Defoe Supporter in your team because it is weak to Stealth Rock.

I think Scizor would be best, please include your other team member.

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No, aerial ace should be removed for roost.
I am aware of moveset flaws but that moveset is set in stone and will not be changed and there are no other team members that will be used it will be a 1v1 against a friend we have Both agreed to use only one Pokemon and it must be flawed all in good fun (or stupidity)
Both of them are flawed, so I don't think it matters which you use.
But I posted it any ways so I guess it's way for some good points