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I kind of evolved to early and took the chance for a wish move away... But I could use Roost.): I ruined a 5IV Togekiss... Anyway to re-do that?

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Each move has its pros and cons. I prefer roost unless you plan to pass a wish to another Pokemon, which I personally wouldn't use Togekiss for. Roost recovers the same amount of HP in half the time. And if you don't run protect, Togekiss might just faint in the turn that wish takes to take effect.
Roost has its cons as well, though. You lose flying type for the remainder of the turn, so a grass/bug move will do neutral damage. Then again, if you have no speed investment on Togekiss then this doesn't really matter.

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Bus would still be not very effective
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I think Roost is better, because it doesn't require you to wait two turns before healing.
Unless you want to have the option of wish passing, which can be difficult to pull off.

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