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I want a Pokemon that can use wish and take hits in other words, a wall/cleric. Which should I use?
I heard togekiss is good but is it worth it since it has more weaknesses than clefable? Btw this team is for competitive

my team is: shaymin sky, talonflame (Gale wings), ash greninja (may get protean soon) , gengar (focus sashed), mega scizor and sylveon (who will be switch out with clefable/togekiss

I'm still excepting comments since I've edited this. sorry about that

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It is very difficult to answer this question without more information.  Is this an in-game team or a competitive one?  Is there a certain tier you are building for, or "anything goes"?  What does the rest of your team look like (Pokemon, Abilities, movesets, items).
sorry about that, I'm new here. Ill edit the question :D

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Togekiss is better because can learn better moves even though it has more weaknesses.

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