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Scizor has an Assault Vest, U-Turn, Superpower, and Bullet Punch, and I'm kinda undecided between Aerial Ace and Thief. It's for Gen 7 singles, UU format. I could really use some help here.

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Which format are you playing?
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Use neither. Thief is outclassed by Knock Off and Pursuit, and Aerial Ace is kind of useless when the only grass Pokemon on the viability rankings for Gen 7 UU are Celebi, Roserade, Tsareena, Sceptile Mega, Rotom Mow, Decidueye, and Ferroseed, and all the grass types on the tier not named Celebi(it is A)are B+ to C-, which means they have a niche in the meta, which means they are outclassed and usually not needed, which means they are a rare sight, rendering Aerial Ace useless when you have U-Turn for Celebi. Instead, use Knock Off or Pursuit. Knock Off removes the opponents items, while doing decent damage, while Pursuit does a lot of damage when the opponent is switching out, which is nice when switching is very common in competitive play.
Source: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/usum-uu-viability-ranking-thread-v3.3641346/

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Pursuit is also pretty useful.
True, it is, I'll edit it in.
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Aerial Ace instead of Thief

Use Aerial Ace since it has a better effect than Thief. Since thief, the purpose of it, is to "steal the opponents item if you dont have an item" and you already have an assault vest, while aerial ace does not check accuracy, so its better to use aerial ace in case the opponent uses a accuracy lowering move or holding a bright powder.

Hope I helped :)

Thank you very much!
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