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I just started playing Gen 7 UU and I've been using this set and it's doing pretty well:

Cloyster @ Focus Sash
Ability: Skill Link
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Icicle Spear
- Shell Smash
- Rock Blast
- Liquidation

It usually takes out 2-3 Pokemon before going down. I wanted to know if Cloyster is a viable option in higher ladder too.

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What do you mean by "higher ladders"? (The plural form of ladder is confusing me.) Do you mean high ladder or higher tiers (i.e. other tiers like OU)?
You do lack priority, so maybe swapping Rock blast or Liquidation for Ice Shard can be considered? This depends on when you're using it. For a mid-game wallbreaker, your set is pretty good, but for a late game cleaner/sweeper, Ice Shard can definitely help you pick off weakened foe with their own priority.
I straight up haven't seen a non-Spikes Cloyster in USUM UU (and even RU for that matter). Cloyster's ability to set Shell Smash + Spikes is why it's used in UU, and without Spikes you're better off with another Water-type like Gyarados or Golisopod. Liquidation is a very niche option and usually isn't ran on Cloyster, and Rock Blast is an interesting option because it can deal with Arcanine and Ninetales, though you'll usually go for Rapid Spin (or Explosion) that Rock Blast.

@Empty Cloyster is usually ran as a designated lead to mess with the opponent's hazard setter while setting up your own hazards. You'll usually be playing very recklessly with it, and even if you're option to sweep mid-game (it isn't supposed to sweep late-game, mid-game or the beginning is when it truly shines) you wouldn't want priority because other moves outclass them.
I see, that makes sense. You'd use it as a dedicated lead to punish defensive leads.

Still, it's viability depends on a bunch of factors like the rest of the team composition and whatever team their higher ladder opponent decides to bring? Or is it just this particular set that needs to be considered? I just think there's too many variables to give an answer that isn't an overly simplified yes/no, but perhaps more regular players of Gen 7 UU can shed some light
1. The ladders was a typo, I'll fix after writing this.
2. Both Liquidation and Rock Blast have purpose, Liquidation helps defeat steel types that resist ice and rock and Rock Blast helps defeat ice and mainly water types which resist both ice and water. So I can't replace one.
3. The moveset is just to give an idea of what I've been playing with. The question is basically: I like this pokemon, I had an interesting idea of a moveset for it, I want to know if the pokemon is any good.
No it isn’t good in UU, especially with that set.

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Cloyster isn't worth using in UU for several reasons.
95 base physical attack is not the best and makes Cloyster more vulnerable to taunt.
Ice is a bad defensive type and makes Cloyster take more damage from lots of things, most notably stealth rock and bullet punch.
Cloyster relies too much on its focus sash and can't safely hold damage-boosting items, like life orb or Z-crystals.
Several steel Pokemon can wall Cloyster, because they resist rock blast and icicle spear and are not weak to any of Cloyster's physical moves.
You're allowed to use Feraligatr, Sharpedo, and Crawdaunt, which are better offensive waters compared to Cloyster.

Reasons why Feraligatr is better:
Sheer force boosts many different moves and prevents life orb recoil when it activates.
More resistances and better defensive stats give Feraligatr more opportunities to set up.

Reasons why Sharpedo is better:
It has 140 base physical attack after mega evolving.
Speed boost lets it use attacking moves or protect while it is setting up.
Strong jaw boosts certain moves by 1.5 times.

Reasons why Crawdaunt is better:
Adaptability powers up all of its STAB moves, including aqua jet.
It gets STAB when using knock off, which deals a lot of damage and removes items.
Crabhammer has higher base power than waterfall and liquidation and lets Crawdaunt use a stronger hydro vortex.

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