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So...before Shiftry in Gen 7’s tier is PU, which is the lowest tier, and now is UU!
How can it be possible?

Heres the proof


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First, Shiftry is RUBL, not UU.

atomicllamas: Shiftry: Ban - This was my preferred way to deal with sun, I think the issue with Shiftry is that it's a sun sweeper that doesn't struggle with steels in the same way that Vileplume and Leafeon do. Knock off release only serves to make it a better sun teammate for Vileplume and the fire Pokemon. The other thing that makes Shiftry so much harder to deal with is that you can run Sucker Punch on it so when sun ends it is still very difficult to check offensively, for example a scarf Vanilluxe + something that can deal with the Fire mons should be an adequate sun answer, but scarf Vanilluxe falls to a +2 Sucker Punch. I think for the time being Shiftry is the thing that is too much for RU, not the other aspects of the tier.

Averardo: Shiftry: ban. Shiftry is the best Sun Sweeper, and for good reasons. Very good stabs in Solar Blade and Knock Off, incredible Speed under sun, making it almost impossible to revengkill if not with some Mach Punch users like Gurdurr, good coverage in sun-boosted Heat Wave, and a good setup move in Growth. This combination makes Shiftry almost impossible to check properly, something that all the other sun abusers dont lack.

EviGaro: Shiftry: Ban: If it wasn't for Home coming out right in the middle of the Great Sun Debate I would probably vote no ban, but if there's one thing clear in Gen 8 is that removing items is very very very good. Add to that a ridiculous stab under sun, an ability to go to +2 on both sides under sun or just a regular +2 in attack without it mean it has ton of options to break teams with an otherwise decent speed even without sun boosts. This is another one I'm perfectly willing to re-visit later on though, as it could maybe not be the right call to nerf the sun playstyle, but Shiftry has enough tools making me think that we can start by doing this first and see how the metagame develop after.

Odd Della Robbia: Shiftry - Ban: Shiftry is by far the most threatening sweeper under sun, especially now that it has regained knock off from Home’s release. Even outside of sun it can be a scary breaker with SD and still utilize sucker punch for faster foes. Both of these sets can be extremely difficult to revenge kill when set up

phantom: Shiftry Ban: I think Shiftry is a bit much to deal with. It can circumvent various priority users with boosted sucker punches and now with it having access to Knock Off, previous counters like Torkoal and Turtonator are no longer effective at stopping it. This in addition to having insane speed and enhanced coverage under sun makes it a little too difficult to play around. Its switch-in opportunities are fairly limited, which is the main thing keeping it from being as difficult to stop as the other mons being voted on, but there’s just not much counterplay available once it actually does get in, which isn’t that difficult to provide given all the voltturn users in the tier.

In gen 7, Shiftry can't learn heat wave or solar blade, RU sun teams are allowed to use Venusaur, which is better than Shiftry, and RU non-sun teams are allowed to check sun teams with Flygon, Registeel, Bronzong, Gigalith, Dragalge, Noivern, or Goodra.

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