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What I mean from this is from Generation to Generation, pokémon change tiers, up or down. I know that new threats, a lessened movepool, etc. Can make a Pokémon go from OU to UU for instance, but what makes them move up in tiers. Like Espeon moved up from RU in SM to UU in Sword/Shield. Thanks in advance!

not a full answer, but I think Pokemon move up and down tiers depending on usage rate
I totally forgot that.

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Here’s how Pokemon can drop from a tier. I know that for OU at least, the usage threshold is ~5%, meaning if a Pokemon is used on less than ~5% of all teams on the ladder, then it drops to the lower tier. This number might be different for other tiers, but it should be about the same. As for how Pokemon rise in tiers, it is a bit more complicated. Each tier has a tiering council that decides whether or not a Pokemon is healthy for that tier’s metagame. If a Pokemon newly introduced into the meta is clearly overpowered beyond a doubt, the council will likely decide to quickban it. Otherwise, they may decide to wait and let the meta settle and develop to see how things turn out. If they decide that the Pokemon in question is still a little overcentralizing, they might decide to start a suspect test in which there is a period of time when any person can gain a certain designated amount of points on the ladder in order to vote on the fate of the Pokemon in question. At that point, if the majority of people that achieved the point requirements vote “Ban” as opposed to “No Ban,” then the Pokemon rises to the tier above it.

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Pokemon used above the 5% in a higher tier move up to that tier. It's not only the councils that can move things up.
Yep, that’s true. The usage threshold goes both ways. I forgot to mention that
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Let me retry this.

There are a few ways a Pokémon can go up a tier. It could be banned from their previous tier, like if it got a buff that made it just way too OP for its original tier. Or maybe it’s biggest competition in its tier got nerfed. Then you are left with a beast who has no counters. Then Smogon might kick it up to a higher tier.

Even though all of this could be the case, it’s most likely not. The tiers are based off of how much a Pokémon is used. So maybe a Pokémon is buffed, and it has its own niche that just sets it apart now. Well, people are going to use it more, right? Then it’ll be in a higher tier.

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