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OU, UU, RU, NU, PU. I don't like Ubers, and it doesn't seem to have very many viable stalls anyway.

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Well, this is a question that no one can directly answer since it relies on unofficial systems, and not fact. But I'd say OU.
But the rules said that Showdown! questions are allowed.
Fair enough. I just don't know what kind of factual answer you're looking for. You could just check the scoreboards of past competitions on pokemon.g-l if you want to see what stalls often do well.
PGL isn't for Smogon, it's for Battle Spot.

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Overused. Smogon is terrible at tier balancing, though, and locks down Baton Pass stalls by restricting usage of key Pokemon on the same teams.

The best tier for stalling is Local Tournament formats (and you get the benefit of prizes).

Mega-Venasaur is a nasty Heal Tank.

Mega-Slowbro is great at setting up its defense without the fear of the lucky critical ignoring your buffs.

Scizor is great at balancing between healing and buffing, and can put out massive priority damage.

Mega-Sableye has decent base stats in Defense and Magic Bounce is a tank class all of its own.

LV 1 Sturdy Magnemite is a unique FEARmon that can really disrupt strategies of the opposition with either Toxic or Thunderwave builds. I know FEAR builds are frowned upon by "pros" but... If it works, who cares.

And of course, lesser tier tanks can fit into OU as well. Snorlax, Shuckle, Eelektross... in a tier dominated by speed and power, you can take full advantage of no speed investment to safely focus on damage output and sustainability.

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Most of the Pokemon you suggested are megas. You may recall that it's impossible to have multiple megas on one team.
@Flafpert: Yeah, FEAR Magnemite is ridiculously viable in meta. The Swagger Clause ruined it, of course, but there is always Toxic, Protect, Recycle, Thunder Wave for purely disruptive strats.

@sumwun: Just use dragon tail/roar/etc... or encore. Also, just because I listed a lot of Mega Pokemon does not mean you have to use all of them. The top sweepers are Megas, but that doesn't mean you have to use all of them.
I was sort of asking for ideas for a stall team...
You asked which tier. I listed some Pokemon. Put some work in.
Snorlax, Slowbro, Scizor, Mega Venusaur, Magnemite, Shuckle.