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Gender: A "You will never know"! I'm le 16 years old. btw I am a Froakie from Japan AKA Keromatsu!
Country: Somewhere C : No I am from Kalos or somewhere in the Pokemon world : P
Favorite Pokémon: Krookodile. yeyeeyeyeyey. Actually I love ALL of them especially fiancee(Jacob's way of saying Diancie)
Friend Codes: X/OR and AS(My sister's game)/3DS Friend Code: 1908-0265-1342
UPDATE: 100/100 sorry
My Friend Safari is Psychic  with Espurr (Ze Creeper) Drowzee(Mispronounciation of Drowzy?) and Girafarig(Girafarig backwards)

DB Achievements:
1000 points: 2/14/2016
Alone with PM on CHAT 6:03 PM 2/19/2016 http://imgur.com/a/3dZuV

Proud Achievements:
Hard Work! Full informative device: PokeDex complete on Pokemon X and Pokemon Omega Ruby AND Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
They are alive!: Unfinished Living PokeDex on Pokemon X
Oooh Sparkles: Caught my first shiny(Which was aPlusle) with MY OT
First Shiny with Masuda Method on X: Shiny Sentret 4ivs with a whopping 152 eggs!

My Shinies which I have caught or hatched:
Shiny Fennekin(Hatched in AS my sister's game but I hatched it), Blaziken, Plusle, Torndaus, Marill, Sentret(Gave it to Toge)

I am trying to get in to competitive, I sometimes do EV training.. but I have no interest in IV Breeding.  I do like shinies, but shiny hunting isn't my thing although I often try to chain Pokemon, do random encounters,spam hordes and etc.
About me: Navigation
F3 'A little 'bout me' to learn about me
F3 'Fwends list' for my friend list
F3 'DB Achievements' for my achievements on the Database's PokeBase Section!
F3 'Achievements' for my few Achievements
F3 'My Shinies' for a litst of my Shinies

A little 'bout me
I am 15 years old. My B'day is on August 9th.
I have been playin Pokemon since 2006-2007.

Fwends List:(If I dun say hai to you or I just say : (your username) o3o~ that means ur a really awesome fwend :) )
( She my best friend xD)TinyTogepi: le clones are real xD : P
We frigin have the opposite siblings xD
She has a 11 yr old bro and a 5 yr old sis
I gots a 11 yr old sis and 5 yr old bro xD)
(Now for my other friends)
FancyGreninja: lol fiancee. Now I have fiancee
ehesister: The Girl who wubs pearlshipping. Yay!
Mega Kang: Why do I always evolve?
ShyGuyofJustice/Arcazeus: PRAISE ARCEUS/ Keldeo! :O Please I'm too mature for my age, I still remember when I was 12(which wasn't that long ago_
ShaiShai8: Randommm Squaaddd!
LeafeonLol: No I Like Vapereon
Demat: It IS a Secret! a stalker! :OO RUUUN
PokeFlamey: fameyy :O

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