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OU, UU, BL, etc.

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What do you mean by fullforms?
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  • OU = Overused
  • UU = Underused
  • BL = Borderline
  • RU = Rarelyused
  • NU = Neverused
  • PU = Nothing, it is a pun on "Pee Yew", a term to signify something smells bad.
  • LC = Little Cup
  • NFE = Not Fully Evolved
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I think there is more
There are too many more and they do not stand for anything.
Then there's that new OM (other metagame), Forgot to Use (FU), but  it's not relevant to the question since its a OM.
Don't forget VGC: Video Game Championship.
BL means Ban List, Borderline is just a fan name.
Are you sure? Borderline is the term I have seen used, even on Bulbapedia and Smogon articles.
PU stands for poorly used, poorly meaning scarcely.
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(The other answer didn't include A L L OF the tiers, so here's ALL of them, like the question asked, in order)
AG = Anything Goes
Ubers = Ubers (ie the ones that are generally strongest)
OU = Overused
UU = Under Used
BL = Ban List
RU = Rarely Used
NU = Never Used
PU = Poorly Used, ie used less than in NU, usually pre-evolutions of NU stuff
LC = Little Cup
NFE = Not Fully Evolved

anything goes is no treally a tier, and ubers is a full name
LC and NFE aren’t either. LC is a format, and NFE is a list of un-tiered Pokémon.
Original answer is also wrong in this sense.
PU stands for "pee-yew", not "poorly used". I even have a link backing me up. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/pu-simple-question-simple-answers-thread.3611425/
Yeah, it's Pee-You... If they were going to do an actual acronym, it would be PP, for Pathetic Pokemon.
even reddit agrees
ZU, and stuff should also be here if you said **all** the tiers.
For all the nubs replying with really dumb arguments
-Yes, I know Ubers isn't an acronym
-AG IS a tier, since it still has actual rules.
-LC/NFE are still official
-I honestly don't care what anyone says about PU, I'm literally pulling answers from this thread since no one posted a complete answer yet.
-ZU hasn't been mentioned yet so I didn't list it - like I said I'm literally pulling from the replies on the OP
-Reddit is cancer
No they aren't. They are all formats. all tiers are formats, but not all formats are tiers. AG and LC don't follow the tier system's common mold, and NFE is a placeholder.
A format is a set of rules. A tier a set of Pokemon that get a certain amount of usage in a certain format and are banned in another format because they get that much usage.
By the way, you have no right to call other people cancer when you're the one using words like "nubs" and "dumb".
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The Uber tier is effectively a banlist for the OU tier, as "standard" battles include everything in the OU list and below. Pokémon in the Uber tier were deemed too powerful or destabilizing to the OU metagame to allow. Ubers, if allowed, cause extreme "centralization" of strategies—in other words, it is impossible or very difficult to counter them in a reasonable manner.

The Uber tier may include any Pokémon, not necessarily just Legendary Pokémon. Typically, it includes all Legendary game mascots except Black Kyurem, due to various factors preventing it from becoming "too centralizing". Although many legendary Pokémon reside in the Uber tier, a far larger number exists in lower tiers due to similar inadequacies.

After the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, due to the dominance of Mega Rayquaza, Smogon made their version of Ubers a full-fledged tier, allowing bans from the tier. Smogon has also banned the move Baton Pass from their version of Ubers. However, unlike other tiers, it is not affected by usage. As a result, Smogon also endorses a playstyle referred to as "Anything Goes", which has no fan-imposed rules other than the "Endless Battle Clause".

OverUsed, commonly abbreviated as "OU", refers to Pokémon that are most frequently used in standard play.

OU status does not have to do with a Pokémon's power or ability. The Pokémon that make up OU, as with all tiers, are determined based on usage. A Pokémon's tier may change from generation to generation. For instance, Magneton is often considered OU in Generation III because of its advantage over Skarmory, another commonly used Pokémon. In Generation IV, Magnezone, the evolution of Magneton, took Magneton's role in OU in some tier lists due to its generally higher base stats. If an OU Pokémon is not used enough in the OU tier, it will fall to the UU tier.

UnderUsed, commonly referred to as "UU", consists of Pokémon that are not used enough to be in OU. Pokémon classified as UU are often outclassed by Pokémon in higher tiers, possibly as a result of generally lower base stats, available moves, or Abilities. For example, in Generation V, Machamp fell to UU in some tier lists largely as a result of the introduction of Conkeldurr, which has Mach Punch, Drain Punch, and generally superior base stats. UU Pokémon are commonly used in OU battles, but most have smaller niches. If a UU Pokémon is not used enough in the UU tier, it will fall to the RU/LU tier.

RarelyUsed/LittleUsed, commonly referred to as either "RU" or "LU". While the name of the tier varies, its "level" is equivalent. The tier consists of Pokémon that are not used enough to be in UU. For example, Escavalier is considered RU in Generation V in some tier lists because it is not used enough in UU battles. If an RU/LU Pokémon is not used enough in the RU/LU tier, it will fall to the NU tier.

NeverUsed, commonly referred to as "NU", consists of Pokémon that are not used enough to be in RU/LU. The name is not literal, stemming from the tiers of Generation I, where Neverused Pokémon had generally lower "competitive value" in comparison to other Pokémon. Some Pokémon that are pre-evolutions of Pokémon in higher tiers may be classified as NU.

PU consists of Pokémon that are not used enough in NU. Many Pokémon in PU are not fully evolved and/or have lackluster stat distribution. Unlike the other tiers, PU is not an acronym, but rather stands for how these Pokémon "stink" compared to higher tiers.

Not Fully Evolved
This group is more commonly known as "NFE", and as the name implies, contains most Pokémon that have not yet reached their final evolution stage and do not have a high enough usage to appear in any tier. This group is not actually a tier, but rather a collection of Pokémon without significant usage even in the lowest tier.

I got this from bulbapedia, so dont blame me, and read the descriptions before you comment.

I don't see little cup
but +1
1Accoridng to fizz lc is not tier
Why is NFE a tier then.
And also, you don't need to follow everything others say. Fizz could be wrong. Just, according to yourself, is LC a tier, yes or no?
Although, I kinda get why Fizz said that, since it's kinda impossible that a first stage evolution has decent base stats.
@SYL Since when was NFE a tier?
@Madness Why are you using Bulbapedia to answer this question when you can, on Smogon, see what the policy makers themselves say?
"This group is not actually a tier"
did you read descriptions?