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I have been trying for long to join a RoomTour on Smogon. But I have no idea how to do so? Do you guys have any ideas?

RoomTours or Smogon Tours?
Do you mean room tours in Showdown! or Smogon?
PS! RoomTours, Smogon Tourneys and any other competiton that I can join in Smogon

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PS! roomtours

First, type the command /tour to see a list of all tours going across the whole of PS!. For example, it should be something like this:

tournaments: [Gen 8] Monotype Single Elimination (Started)
franais: [Gen 8] Random Battle Single Elimination (Started)
vgc: [Gen 8] Monotype Random Battle Single Elimination
toursplaza: [Gen 8] Metronome Battle Single Elimination (Started)

You can't join the tours which have already began. Go to the room in which you need to join the tour, and click the "Join" button or type /tour join in chat. After that, all you need is to wait for the tour to start, after which you can see the bracket list of the tour along with your opponent's name. Then, you can proceed to play each round until you went to the tour finals, depending on the tour type (single elimination or double elimination, round robin, etc.)

Also, this Smogon article explains how each tour functions, and read it for more information.

Smogon tours

The following Smogon link contains details of every Smogon tour going on their website. It's more complex in Smogon tours—you don't simply join the tour by clicking "Join". Instead, you have to read the OP carefully, and it contains all the details of how to participate in tour. For example, in most Seasonal tours you join by replying "In". For example:

Post 'in' to participate.

That is all you need to know for joining Smogon and PS! room tours. Hope this helps!

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Sorry for such a stupid question, but where do I type /tour ?
In the chat box in a room, or in PMs.
Thanks a lot @Frozen Inferno 火
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There you go
The Tournaments subforum doesn't list every tour going on Smogon; usually unofficial ones (such as PLs, Snake Drafts, etc.) are hosted in a certain subforum of the tier. Some official ones (usually PLs, like the Smogoff Premier League) are also hosted in other subforums and aren't listed in the Tournaments subforum.