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To me at least, it seems like it would be a very good wall in competitive. So why isn't it used?


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Although it is very passive, lacks recovery, and has poor special bulk, Runerigus serves as a niche entry hazard setter and check to common physical attackers. It packs excellent physical bulk, access to Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes, and a Ghost typing that allows it to spinblock and check Fighting-types. However, its common weaknesses, poor special bulk, and lack of recovery inhibit its ability to consistently perform its roles.

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Thanks Mega!
You're welcome!
yikes. smogon calls base 105 sp.def poor special bulk, and says it is "very passive" despite access to earthquake and shadow claw/poltergeist coupled with a decent attack stat of 95? The wonderful folks at smogon couldn't be more wrong
Yeah I'm with you snom, while Smogon occasionally has good points I many times consider them narrow-minded and opposed to creativity, this being a perfect example, and also why I joined this community in the first place. People also forget that it has access to Body Press!

On the other hand, they have an excellent point that it is vulnerable to chip damage and unless you have Rest, there's no way to compensate for that.