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I'm building a ghost monotype team for gen 8. I want a ghost ground for earthquake that can deal fairly a lot of damage. It's just a simple comparison so I don't think you need to know my team. If you must, leave it in comments.

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Earthquake being a Physical move, the Pokemon with the higher attack stat is Golurk (124) compared to Runerigus at 95, so the raw damage will be greater. Further Golurk is faster (55) than Runerigus (34) so unless you're running a Trick Room team, being faster might help out as well. Golurk also has a great physical movepool and an ability (Iron Fist) that complements it well, so you should definitely go for that, as long as you need it as a Physical attacker.

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Golurk also has a pretty good movepool
Haha yes, I mentioned that as well.

Thanks for the BA Gloomdweller, glad my answer helped you choose! :D
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While Golurk has better attack and speed, Runerigus is an amazing suicide lead.

Runerigus has access to various utility moves, like will-o-wisp, destiny bond, haze and trick room. In addition, it also learns stealth rocks and toxic spikes. Its ability wondering spirit allows it to remove potentially dangerous abilities after being hit by a contact move. Its great bulk and access to two entry hazards (Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock) is it's main attraction. It has a usable 95 attack stat, so it works well as a trick room attacker.

The main strategy is to lead with Runerigus, and set up your Stealth rocks and Toxic Spikes. You can also set up trick room if you need to. Your great bulk will usually allow you to set up both. You can use destiny bond if you're near death. If you're still healthy after the hazards, you can just spam earthquake.

Alternate moves include will-o-wisp, shadow claw, taunt, trick, memento and body press. This thing has an amazing movepool, so using it is a key to success.

If you want a physical ghost type, Dragapult is serperior in every way to both Runerigus and Golurk. Other good physical ghosts include Mimikyu and Aegislash.

Interesting opinion. I alr have the three pokemon u suggested on my team. I wanted a ground type so as to take care of electric types and others. But I alr selected a ba so  u get an upvote
Heyy, if you found their answer more helpful, don't worry about giving this answer ba just because you've already given it another one - go for whichever is most helpful, and this answer certainly adds more details (:
I don't really like setting hazards, the only time I really set hazards is for doing phazing  in pu. I hadn't exactly had the best experience setting hazards, toxic spikes were absorbed by poisons, too many eldegoss in pu. When I create a team that appreciates hazards, I'll use runerigus. As I said in the question I wanted someone who could hit hard,  imo using runerigus as suicide lead doesn't count. But I never though of runerigus as suicide lead so I found it interesting.