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my good fwend asked me : runerigus or dusknoir. I said I have no idea, so I want to see you guys opinions!

(he) says he’s running these two as tanks for a mono-ghost team btw, so if you’d like than share sets as well! this would really help me because I don’t know at all which one to use

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Is your friend playing the real Monotype metagame, or is this just a novelty team?
this is monotype meta boiiiis
btw thanks fizz for da edit, lol

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If he wants to use a tank ghost, I would actually use an eviolite dusclops. With an eviolite, it is WAY bulkier than dusknoir. A good set for it could be:
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EVs:252 HP 128 Defense 128 Sp.Defense
•Will-O-Wisp:Burn, lower their attack
•Calm Mind:Raise special attack and special defense
•Hex:Double damage with a burn from Will-O-Wisp, calm mind boosts it
•Disable:Good for annoying them and locking them away from a strong attack
Hope this helps!

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this was already recommended, but thanks for the set! i’ll also show this to my fwend :3
what about galarian corsola?
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Runerigus finds itself as one of the few Stealth Rock setters Ghost teams have access to. Runerigus also has access to Toxic Spikes, allowing it to serve as a dual entry hazard setter. Runerigus however, does not have access to reliable recovery and as a result, it does not find itself having the ability to consistently wall physical attackers over the course of the match. Earthquake is a great STAB move that prevents Runerigus from being too passive. Will-O-Wisp allows Runerigus to threaten physical attackers such as Grimmsnarl and Dracozolt. Memento is an option for Runerigus to give teammates such as Polteageist and Mimikyu an opportunity to set up freely. Maximum HP investment and maximum Defensive investment allows Runerigus to check physical attackers such as Mimikyu and Excadrill and gives it the opportunity to set up entry hazards against them.

Froslass is a great partner for Runerigus, as together they form an entry hazard-stacking core versus the opponent. Offensive teammates such as Gengar, Mimikyu, Aegislash, and Dragapult all appreciate Runerigus being able to set Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes, as it wears the opposing Pokemon down for them. Jellicent can be a good partner for Runerigus, as it can take on Water-types that threaten it, while Runerigus can take on Electric-types for Jellicent in return.

Dusknoir can't learn stealth rock or toxic spikes, and its HP is slightly lower.

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