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I am looking for a good ghost type for a draft league and was wondering if dusknoir is good or if there are any other good ghost type Pokémon.
Format is National dex dlc2 legacy on sports.psim.us

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What format/rules are you playing with?

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There are very few situations where Dusknoir is better than Sableye. Sableye can use recover, bounce entry hazards, toxic, and taunt, and take less damage from knock off.

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yes, dusknoir is a good option for decent bulk and can dish out some good physical moves. but for a better tank, use an eviolite dusclops. both are good in competitive play, they just need a good role on the team.

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I'm pretty sure aegislash, mimikyu, and maybe even dragapult are better ghost physical attackers
yes they are, but i was talking about more of a tank pokémon than an attacking pokémon. dusclops and dusknoir still have a decent attack, though.
then aegislash is better than dusknoir because it has higher HP, higher defense, and higher special defense when in shield forme
dusclops also gives easy setup opportunities
you do give good options but imo aegislash is situational due to kong’s shield having to be used and knowing when to attack or not
Aegislash is slower than most opponents, so they'll usually hit it in shield form before it attacks.