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So I need a team for Pokemon Showdown!. I did a Randomizer and got Genesect and Heatran. But which one do I use for my team?

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What format?
What’s the rest of your team?

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I think Genesect. It depends do you play competitive or casual.
Whatever you play Genesect might be better.

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I believe Genesect is a better option than Heatran Because Genesect has only one weakness i.e Fire type moves
However Heatran has 3 weaknesses. An Earthquake move can Stab Heatran in one hit Due to Fire/Steel type combination of Heatran. Also Heatran is not a strong Pokemon in term of it's Defense.

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In general Genesect is better than Heatran. Reasons:

Genesect has higher speed.
Genesect has less weaknesses( Genesect has 1 Heatran has 3).
More useful ability( who wants to hit Heatran with a fire type move?)
You can use both Physical and Special moves on Genesect.

In terms of being better, Genesect is an Event only Pokémon whereas I was able to catch my Heatran in Pokémon Pearl.

However before you consider my answer take your teams current type coverage into account first.

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How does Heatran have 4 weaknesses? Also it's ability is not that useless. Heatran freely switches into fire moves and boosts its own fire attacks.
Oops changed the 4 to 3. (I’m typing this on a IPhone 5s give me a break here...).

Also Heatran switching into Fire moves is good, but a lot of the time my Pokémon that know fire type moves know other moves as well. (My Mewtwo runs Flamthrower Ice beam Aura sphere and Shadow ball). So yeah if Heatran switches into a fire move I can still f*ck em up with another Pokémon.