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I love Pokemon showdown and its random battle feature, but whenever I get Rotom - Fan its item is an Air Ballon. Why does Smogon do this if this 'mon has Levitate and is part flying type?

Most likely for assurance. XD
Because who doesn't want a triple Ground resistance? The real mistake was making it a Levitating Flying-type in the first place.

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Because Smogon can sometimes miss key details?
That Pokemon is meant to be a joke though.

Wait, does the balloon work during Gravity? Maybe that's it. (Still useless though.)
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Hi there!

This question has been asked many, many times on Smogon's Forums, as well on Pokemon Showdown. The reason for this strange occurrence is because, well, you're playing Random Battles. It's random. That's just what it is. You might get Nasty Plot and three physical moves. It's just random. If you want viable Pokemon / items / moves, play Battle Factory which is the same as Random Battle, except it is more viable. As for Air Balloon Rotom, it's just an old joke.

However, the team that make the sets for Random Battles have been told about this, and a lot of people have complained, so we can just hope they fix it. But for now, you might be better off playing Battle Factory if you want viable sets.

Hope I helped.

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That's not true, about it being random. Each pokemon is randomly selected yes, and for each pokemon one of many pre determined sets. But each set is created before hand. Showdown doesn't just randomly select 4 moves and an item. You'd never get Nasty Plot and 3 physical attacks because the guys who make the sets don't do that.

The air balloon on rotom fan is a joke mostly. They kept it like that on purpose.
Yeah, I know, it's an old joke.