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Since this bulky Pokémon has the ability to take spirits home, I t just got me curious, is dusknoir the only Pokemon that is a spirit guide?

Dragonite guides sailors to saftey, but he has nothing to do with souls...
What I ment to say is Dusknoir the only ghost pokemon to be a spirit guide.

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After researching various Dex entries, I can conclude that there are no other ghost type Pokemon that act as a spirit guide. I read various Dex entries and I couldn't find any others like dusknoir.

As a response to Pokemon guy, litwicks dex entry states that it pretends to be a guide. In an effort to lure prey.

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Yeah, but drifloon  takes children away to the underworld.
It still technically guiding them.

Just guiding them to hell without there consent.
I'll try to find some others though, cuz you don't seem to satisfied with this answer.
I know of one more pretty bad guide. Litwick.
Alright I edited my answer
Okay. I still like Litwick even if its a  lousy guide. :P