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I need a good partner for my Dusknior. Core team is optional.

Hasty/Often Scatters Things
Ability: Pressure
Brick Break
Calm Mind
Shadow Ball

currently boosting HP (Power Weight)

For which game is this? Im assuming ingame because of the hold item etc.
Focus Blast would be nice....
Shadow Sneak > Shadow Ball. And Pain Split instead of Calm Mind for maximum annoyance.
@ Mr.K it;'s white.
Allrighty. thx.

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You will find a nice partner in


As a Dark/Fighting type he resists both of Dusknoir's weaknesses. Dusknoir with the right bulk can also take a flying type move aimed at Scrafty.

A nice moveset that I am currently useing is

Scrafty @ Expert Belt
Trait: Shed Skin (Moxie works too)
EVs: In-Game?? Not really :/
Adamant Nature
- Crunch
- Drain Punch
- Bulk Up
- Fake Out/Stone Edge

If you do want EVs then: 252 Atk / 108 SDef / 148 Def

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Thx Mr.k
Your welcome, I forgot to mention that ofc Dusknoir as a ghost type is immune to fighting moves which are one of Scrafty's weaknesses.