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Dusclops is UU, while Dusknoir is RU. Is there a reason for this?

weird never knew that
neither did I until I started building a mono-Ghost team, which is why I asked

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The reason is because of the Eviolite.

Dusknoir has a max of 405 for either defense, while Dusclops gets a huge max of 591 for either defense, due to the Eviolite raising Dusclops' defenses by 50%.
This makes Dusclops a very sturdy wall in UU, better than Dusknoir due to it's superior defenses by a long shot. The only roles that Dusknoir plays that Dusclops can't are the role of a bulky attacker or a SubPunch set, which are outclassed by other Pokemon in OU and UU who hit harder or have a better movepool to choose from for coverage along side of Focus Punch.

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Thanks, I forgot about the Eviolite
eviolite doest affect dusknoir cause it cant further evolve so it be 305
Sorry, that was just a typo
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Well, I myself use Duskclops, and I believe it is because of Eviolite, the amazing item that gives a great boost to Defense stats, making Duskclops way more bulky than it's evolution.

Hope this helps!