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I know there is a question like this before but it was questioned at 2012 which probably outdated and new Pokemon has came.
If you want to see here it is:Click here.

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Chansey outclasses Blissey, her evolution, and is ranked OU whilst Blissey is UU.


Not sure about that one, but competitively, Dusclops outclasses Dusknoir because of its superior bulk; it has almost the same moveset too. But anyways, it's pretty bad.


Porygon2 is just as good as PorygonZ when it comes to rankings; both of them are UU.
However, they have very different roles; the former is a wall / tank whilst the latter is a boosting sweeper that abuses pretty well Nasty Plot and Agility, called AgiliPlot.


Doublade doesn't technically rank higher than Aegislash; whilst the latter is banned to Ubers, the former sits in RU, mainly due to the fantastic bulk Eviolite gives it. Doublade is kinda the new Dusclops now; but Aegislash is far better than Dusknoir, no comparison can stand.

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so nothing has changed since 2012.
nope, nothing.
wat about agislash and doublade?
Doublade is RU and Aegislash is Uber; not even close.
i thought it will be same tire.
what about slaking and raichu?