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I noticed Kyurem has pretty decent stats, such as its impressive 130 attack and sp. Attack. It also has a respectable hp stat and not bad defenses. What prevents it from being used more in competitive battles?

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Oh, wait. This was already asked...

>Defensively, Ice typing is a severe liability, leaving Kyurem extremely vulnerable to entry hazards and common attacks. This cannot be stressed enough: Kyurem hates entry hazards of all kinds, which makes Rapid Spin support almost compulsory.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/67126/why-are-kyurem-and-venomoth-in-the-borderline-tier

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To be fair... Regular Kyurem isn't higher tiered simply because it not that useful in most cases, and is generally weak to most Entry Hazards. However, Black & White Kyurem ARE higher Tiered. White Kyurem is in the Ubers Tier and Black Kyurem is in the OU Tier.

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