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Like are there TM or tutor moves that a Pokemon can only learn if it hasn't reached a certain evolution stage?

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That's a puzzling question. I'm not sure there's any easy way to answer that question without looking at every single evolution line and conducting a study.  I just looked at the lines that are most likely to have variation (drapion/tyranitar/Scizor/etc.), and I am seeing that the tutor moves taught to the pre evolution can also be taught to the evolved form, but not the other way around in some cases.  So to answer your question based on this, no.  That said, there's no easy way to answer this question definitively unless someone here actually did that tedious study.  Great question for pokemaster!
No, Pokemaster is too busy for this kind of thing. Have you any idea how often he's on?

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I have found one example: Azurill can get the move tutor move for Uproar, while Marill cannot. Like the comments have said, though, there is no way to definitively answer this without searching every Pokemon's move set, and comparing it to their pre-evolution's. There might be more, but that is one I stumbled across.

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