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Let's say I am doing a contest with a friend.
He has a Glalie I have a Snorunt.
If we do the exact same things (Use the same attacks, get the same amount of hearts from the crowd ETC.) Will the Glalie get more points towards winning or does it even matter at all if the Pokemon is evolved or not in a contest?


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Well it all depends Super Gengar Man.If u use a Snorunt in a Cool Contest and it's Cool Stat is all maxed out and it has a Cool Contest moves it will do better than a Glalie with all Maxed out Smart Stat and it has all Smart Contest moves entering the Cool Contest.

First, the audience preliminarily votes on which four competing
Pokémon looks the coolest, most beautiful, cutest, smartest, or
toughest, depending on what category the Contest is in. Attributes
that the audience likes and the Pokémon's overall luster also
beneficially influences the audience. To make a Pokémon look cooler,
etc., a Coordinator prepares Pokéblocks of a specific color from
certain Berries, depending which category he or she wants to augment,
and feeds them to his or her Pokémon. How well a Pokémon does in this
phase is shown by the number of hearts that appear over the audience
members' heads.-Bulbapedia

I know this is the III Gen. games but hope this helps =P

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An evolved Pokemon does better than a pre-evolved Pokemon by far, because it has stronger attack defense speed etc. However, some moves can only be learned by a Pokemon before an evolutionary stage such as quick attack which pikachu can learn but Raichu cannot. If you teach quick attack to a pikachu and then evolve it with its thunder-stone then your Raichu will know quick attack. You basicly just need to teach snorunt the right moves, THEN evolve it, and it will become far more powerful (Hence the stronger appearence). Hope I helped.

I don't think that's what he was asking. He was asking about contests, not battling and stuff.