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I know about Jigglypuff and Clefairy, but are there others?

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Technically these aren't better seeing as you'll want to evolve them later. There are some unevolved Pokemon that are better than their evolved forms, thanks to the item Eviolite. The Pokemon worth using with this are: Dusclops, Chansey, Nosepass, Shieldon, Rhydon, Graveler, Porygon2, Magneton, Mantyke, and Skitty. There are also some unevolved Pokemon that differ enough from their eevolutions to be used. Murkrow is a stalling Pokemon, unlike the offensive Honchkrow. Scyther has higher Speed than Scizor. Onix can make good use of the Eviolite. Vigoroth doesn't have Truant like its evolution does. And Pikachu is able to make use of the Light Ball.

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Pre-evolved forms are useful when you want to teach the evolution of the pokemon good moves for example pansear can learn these moves that it's evolution can't learn: scratch, yawn, bite, Amnesia, Recycle, Natural gift, and crunch. Some evolutions can learn some moves it's pre-evolution can learn by level up.

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Some pre-evolutions may be better for your team if they undergo a major statistical/type change upon evolution.

Like if you want a fast team Scyther would be better than Scizor.

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