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Kangaskhan with a cub
There is Kangaskhan cub in the pouch. Shouldn't it have a pre evolution

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Hm.. There's some theory on how Cubone is a baby Kangaskhan whose mother died and later evolves into a Marowak.
I am pretty sure its really a marowak that died not a kangaskhan.
Is the theory you mean is about the ghost marowak

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Only Game Freak can provide you a definitive answer to this question. However, there is still some logical explanation available.

It's quite possible Game Freak wanted Kangaskhan to maintain its "mother" theme. It's exclusively female, and it carries a baby in its pouch. If the baby was its pre-evolution, it wouldn't be the same. It'd also be illogical if it its baby was its pre-evolution and it carried it in its pouch. A similar thing applies if a different Pokemon became its pre-evolution; it'd be really strange for a young Pokemon to instantly become a mother when it evolves, but then again, we have seen stranger things from Game Freak.

Kangaskhan's baby does come out in its Mega form though.

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It would always have to be a female Pokemon, because if it weren't then the male prevolution would have to change gender, which would be weird. o_O (Setting aside the Azurill-Marill thing)
Then the male would evolve into another pokemon. like espurr
Expurr is a bad example since Espurr is a cat, and Kangaskhan is a Kangaroo.
I mean it would evolve into another pokemon. like burmy
Mothered at birth. o-o
maybe they're like tribbles, born pregnant