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Which is better ive heard Cofrigus is awesome (trachy) but ive battled dusknoir and hes tough.

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I'll give you point that you should Know about, and you'll decide.

  • Cofagrigus has Better Defense by 20, while having lower Special Defense by 30. However, Cofagrigus can boost it's special Defense and his Special attack with Calm Mind, a thing Dusknoir can do too, but Cofagrigus can utilize the Spacial Attack Boosts, since he is a Special Attacker, unlike Dusknoir. Another thing to point out, Cofagrigus has better HP by 13, although not that important, it can actually help a little.
  • Dusknoir is very good Defensively, and surprisingly offensive pokemon, although Physical.as far as defenses can go, base 135 in both is nothing to underate, because I don't think there is a Pokemon that can OHKO it with no stat boosts. Dusknoir also has the elemental Punches, and a pretty reliable STAB Physical attack in the form of Shadow Punch, and good Coverage moves like Brick Breakand can Cripple certain Pokemon with Will-O-Wisp and toxic, he is actually really good at Trick Room abusing, and can pull off some Massive damage With Pain Split, due to it's low HP.

Honestly, I would Choose Cofagrigus, only because he can utilize Calm Mind like hell, and can Damage and cripple the foe with Toxic and Will-O-Wisp.

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Don't forget Power Split! With 0 Attack and Spec Attack EVs and IVs and Will-O-Wisp, Cofagrigus shuts down Physical sweepers Completely. Night Shade always deals damage according to your level, but has one immunity. Dusknoir also has better coverage, but if you're going to choose a Physical Wall, go with Cofagrigus. Dusknoir for Mixed Walling. They both work very well, but Dusknoir has more offensive moves with good coverage as well.
True. I just listed some known Strategies that you normally use and see, and it's like I didnt say that Dusknoir can be special, although it can be special, with Calm Mind.
Yeah, I know. I was just adding onto your Cofagrigus section of your answer.
"special attacks boos" boos? like beer?
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oh i'll just fix his post and write boosts
Thanks honestly i was going to choose Cofrigus anyway because hes awesome just wanted to know his powers along with Dusknoirs.