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In my example, I'm going to use the ORAS tiers. (wow sumwun. That's so 5 minutes ago.) As you may know, back when people played ORAS, Aegislash was unhealthy in OU and Chatot was unhealthy in PU. They decided to ban all possible Aegislashes in OU (when they could have banned only king's shield and achieved the desired result), while only banning the move chatter in PU. Why did they decide to only ban chatter in PU?

I guess it's because the whole gimmick of Aegislash is to use King's Shield; without that move, it's ability becomes redundant, and Aegislash users like their mind-games anyway. I doubt anyone uses it without King's Shield, so it makes sense to just move it to Ubers.
Whereas with Chatot, it can still be pretty useful in its tier without Chatter, so they only banned the move.

Source: I'm literally taking a guess here and don't actually have one.
Banning King's Shield is nearly the same as banning Aegislash anyway. Chatot was only a problem because of how easily it could abuse the confuse chance. Without Chatter it was not an issue, so they elected to ban that and not the Pokemon. Outside of that, moves like Swagger were banned for being awful for everyone.

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Moves are banned when they make a format too luck-based. King's shield didn't rely on much of a luck factor, so OU couldn't ban it. Chatter is broken because of its confusion effect, which made players rely on luck to check Chatot.

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Why do certain moves/ Pokemon get banned from one tier? And how are bans implemented?


>Generation VI
Chatter's power was changed from 60 to 65. From this generation onward, sound can no longer be recorded. Instead, the move will always confuse the target. Despite no longer being able to record sound, Chatter still cannot be copied by Sketch.


That gives reason for the ban. 100% chance to confuse is annoying, and makes it overpowered in the PU, which is a notch below NU.In other words, the Pokemon of NU are better at handling such tactics that are guaranteed to cause confusion. Or, rather, the strength of the NU Pokemon can counter the slight disadvantage provided by the Confusion, which the Pokemon of PU can not, because they're simply not good enough to bounce back from such a disadvantage.

As to how it is banned, well, it takes place in the following steps:

First off, someone puts up a post in the forum for PU, about why they think something is overpowered. Should it be decided that it is a valid claim, then it reopened for testing in a separate thread. Then, the Smogon Community has to decide, by playing time and again on the Suspect Test phase, whether a move / Pokemon is really overpowered or not, and then a voting is held. There's an elaborate (slightly) hierarchy involving Tier Council Members, and a rotating Council for specific Suspect Testing. Finally, based on a simple majority (50% +1), it is decided to ban (or not) based on the results. A better form of democracy than in most countries, if you ask me, but that's probably because of the far lesser numbers and obviously, way less important decisions, but whatever.

After the ban, the PS! server is reset, so as to prevent players from being able to use specific movesets, such as Chatot with Chatter, in this case, while searching for PU battles. This takes some time to be implemented, due to obvious reasons.

Open disclaimer: This was something I observed in the case of Aegislash long ago, for OU. It might be different in other tiers. Also, I am not really on Smogon, and haven't to be honest, voted for or against, like ever. So, I MIGHT be wrong. If so, anyone who's on Smogon can let me know in the comments, or can put up another answer, and I'll take this one down.
Pretty sure it requires at least 60% to vote ban in order to ban. Are you sure you got everything else right?
"100% chance to confuse is annoying, and makes it overpowered in the PU, which is a notch below NU."

Then by that logic, shouldn't the game-breaking Move Confuse Ray be banned too?
Chatter deals damage, so it's more risky to switch into and can be boosted by nasty plot.
I'll agree with the damage dealing part, though 65 BP and Chatot's Sp. Atk isn't amazing, but the 'can be' is where you start getting into the infinite possibilities loop.
Okay, I don't know. Why don't you ask the people on Smogon who decided to ban chatter?