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It might not be official, but is it possible that FU becomes an other metagame like PU once was?
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What does it stand for again
Forget to Use or something along those lines
no, it's a pun on the expression f*** you.

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For the time being, FU will not have a ladder on the PS main server. However, I will be working with a friend to try to possibly establish an FU ladder on another PS server.

As of now, there is currently no FU Ladder.
An FU tier exists and it has all rules, ban-lists, clauses and viability rankings but their isn't an offical 'home' for it as such. I believe most people get away with playing FU by playing on the PU ladder or just challenging other players who play/ interested in playing FU.

PU Pokemon are dropped to FU if their usage is 3.4% or lower in the 1760 usage stats
PU is still a very relatively new tier and currently, going through many rapid drops and gains. Logically, we'd have to wait for PU to settle down a bit before adding on FU.

Personally, I wouldn't say the chances are null. But I wouldn't be expecting one any time soon.

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