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Idk about it, but why do they call it Uber instead of ban list?

It makes sense for OU, UU, RU, NU, PU standing for Over Used, Under Used, Rarely Used, Poorly Used but why Uber?

Can someone please explain?

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PU stands for nothing -- it does not stand for "poorly used".
._. i am dumb ngl

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Über (German pronunciation: [ˈyːbɐ] (About this soundlisten), sometimes written uber /ˈuːbər/1 in English-language publications) is a German language word meaning "over", "above" or "across".


Ubers is derived from the German word which means "over, above or across". Basically, it's a tier that is above all tiers, OU - PU. While Anything Goes is above Ubers, it wasn't till Gen 6 that Anything Goes tier was made so the OU banlist was specifically made into a tier called Ubers instead of "OUBL".

Hope this helps!

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Because the word uber means "super". To get banned a Pokemon has to be super or uber strong, and since it's populated by these Pokemon it will be called UBERs.

The German word "Uber" means above or over, not super exactly.