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Specifically, what makes Sylveon better and more popular than the other defensive Eeveelutions of Umbreon and Vaporeon? Is it moves, stats, or typing, or is it a combination of the 3? Thanks in advance!

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Short answer is fairy typing and being much more offensively threatening even as a defensive pokemon than the other mostly passive eeveelutions
Mainly cuz its HA,I think

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Sylveon serves both an offensive and defensive Pokemon. It's pure fairy typing only gives it two weaknesses, and a very useful dragon immunity which allows it to not only switch in to them, but counter them easily with STAB Hyper Voice, unlike Vaporeon (water immunity, but no way to scare water types out). It also has access to all the other useful tools that Vaporeon and Umbreon have, such as Wish and Heal Bell. The main downfall for Umbreon is it has a very bad fighting and bug weakness, and with how every Pokemon now gets First Impression, Close Combat, etc. it doesn't perform as well and loses even more momentum by not having offensive pressure. Vaporeon doesn't have too many common weaknesses, but again, doesn't have good offensive pressure.

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It has a great typing that counters powerful dragons and has one of the best abilities: pixilate. It turns all of its normal moves into fairy moves and boosts their power by 20%. This makes them STAB, giving them an 80% boost. It can nuke opposing Pokémon with hyper beam, or just use hyper voice if you don’t like the recharging turn. It can hold and item, like a pixie plate or choice specs, to make it even stronger. All of this makes it able to hit hard at the same time as it can take hits. Vaporeon and Umbreon can take hits about as well as sylveon can, but sylveon has better typing and can hit back a lot harder than Umbreon and vaporeon can. Sylveon can beat strong dragon types like salamence, garchomp, and dragonite, hit strong fighting types hard like machamp and Conkeldurr, and strong dark types like hydreigon and tyranitar. Not saying that dark and water are bad, they just aren’t as good as fairy.

What makes it a better choice than Umbreon or Vaporeon though?  You told me why Sylveon is better, but what makes the other 2 worse?
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