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There are a few points I am interested in. They are
- How much, if any, will this affect the use of Stealth Rock, Spikes, etc. users like Skarmory who's primary role in most teams is to set those hazards up?
- Will common Pokémon with a big susceptibility to those hazards be used more in their respective tiers? Ex. Talonflame or Centiskorch being used more often as you don't have to worry about losing half their HP when switching in.
- Will this increase the utility of Pivots at all?
And finally, will this decrease the usage of hazard moved overall? I am.leaning towards no On this one, but you never know. Thanks in advance!

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What format/rules are you playing with?
I mostly just mean overall.  Nothing specific.
There are infinite possible formats. How can anyone write an answer that includes all of them?
Then just OU is fine.
Skarmory and Talonflame both got released today, so nobody knows whether they can stay in OU for a few more days. You might want to wait for June usage stats to come out before trying to answer this question. Or do you want to ignore the DLC?
Since it just came out, just ignore it.

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This answer assumes it's still 2020 May. It's probably already outdated, so don't take too much advice from it.

Skarmory (and Greninja, Landorus, Heatran, Chansey, Garchomp, Gliscor, Swampert, Diancie, mega Tyranitar, and Azelf) is banned in gen 8 OU.
Spikes Mew is banned in gen 7 OU.
Stealth rock Ferrothorn, Excadrill, Clefable, Jirachi became less common, as you expected.
Spikes Ferrothorn and Accelgor, stealth rock Kommo-O, Tyranitar, Mew, Hippowdon, Seismitoad, Terrakion, Shuckle, and Rhyperior, toxic spikes Toxapex and Accelgor, and sticky web Shuckle became more common for some other reasons.

Talonflame is banned in gen 8 OU.
Centiskorch (and Cinderace) is banned in gen 7 OU. Centiskorch is bad in gen 8 OU even when it has heavy-duty boots.
Heat Rotom, Mandibuzz, and Salazzle became more common, as you expected.
Cloyster, Darmanitan, Ninetales, and Accelgor don't use heavy-duty boots for some other reasons, even though they are threatened by hazards.

Gliscor, Greninja, Landorus, Magearna, Magnezone, mega Scizor, Tapu Koko, Tornadus, Victini, Alomomola, Amoonguss, Gliscor, mega Latias, mega Sableye, Slowbro, Tangrowth, Tapu Fini, mega Tyranitar, and Zapdos are banned in gen 8 OU.
Aegislash, Cinderace, Dragapult, and Corviknight are banned in gen 7 OU.
Ditto, Tyranitar, mow Rotom, heat Rotom, Salazzle, Zeraora, Clefable, Celebi, Seismitoad, Jellicent, Mandibuzz, Sylveon, and Incineroar became better pivots, mostly because gen 7 OU's good pivots got banned.

Hazards became less common overall.


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Yes, exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you!