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Where can I find the Name Changer, Move Tutors, Move Reminder, and other important NPCs?

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Sun / Moon / Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon

  • Move Reminder
    Location: Mount Lanakila, PokeCenter – Right side, in a green dress.

  • Move Deleter
    Location: Hau’oli City, PokeCenter – Right side, the old man near the mart.

  • Beach Tutors
    Locations: Big Wave Beach, Heahea City Beach, Ula’ula Beach

  • Battle Tree Tutors
    Location: Battle Tree, Poni Island

Move Tutors

  • Hau’oli City Mall
    Grass / Fire / Water Pledge: Talk to the NPC on the right, in the blue shop in Hau’oli City Mall. This move can be learned by Starter Pokémon of matching type from all regions / Gens.
    Frenzy Blast / Blast Burn / Hydro Cannon: Talk to the NPC on the left, in the blue shop in Hau’oli City Mall. The move is only available to fully evolved starter Pokémon of the same type. It is also available to eligible Pokémon from all regions / Gens.

  • Hano Grand Resort
    Secret Sword & Relic Song: Talk to the old man in the lobby of Hano Grand Resort to learn these two moves for Keldeo / Meleoetta. These moves will transform to Resolute / Pirouette Forms in battle.
    Volt Tackle: Talk to the lounging Pikachu with its butler out front of Hano Grand Resort. Fend off meddlesome reporters and the Pikachu will give you Volt Tackle.

  • Seafolk Village
    Dragon Ascent: Talk to the man in the red shirt in the Seafolk Village PokeCenter to learn this move. Only Rayquaza can use it, and it is required to enter Rayquaza’s Mega Evolution.
    Draco Meteor: The most powerful dragon-type ability can be learned in the Seafolk Village PokeCenter. Talk to the Ace Trainer near the café. Any dragon-type can learn this, including Pokémon that can transform into dragon-type with memories or other items.


Sword / Shield

  • Move Tutor (Pledge Moves) - Hammerlocke

  • Move Tutor (Ultimate Moves) - Wyndon

  • Move Tutor (Draco Meteor) - Circhester

  • Move Tutor (Steel Beam) - Monostoke

  • Move Deleter - Various Pokemon Centers

  • Move Reminder - Various Pokemon Centers

  • Hyper Trainer - Battle Tower

  • Lady Clear - Workout Sea


  • Isle of Armor Move Tutor
    Location: Master Dojo


Let's Go Pikachu / Let's Go Eevee

  • IV Judge
    Location: Route 11/12 Gate

  • Madam Celadon - Nature Manipulation
    Location: Celadon City

  • Hyper Training
    Location: Route 5

  • Move Reminder
    Location: Indigo Plateau

  • Happiness Checker
    Location: Pallet Town

  • Poké Ball Replenishment
    Location: Mt. Moon, Rock Tunnel, Seafoam Islands, Victory Road

  • Move Tutors
    Location: Cerulean City and Fuchsia City


Hope I helped!

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There's also the Steel Beam tutor in Motostoke
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The Hyper Trainer is in the Battle Tower. There's also Lady Clear in the Workout Sea which clears all EVs. Sorry if this is annoying
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