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Celesteela was amazing in Gen 7. And its typing is still amazing, as shown by Corvikinght. You might say its outclassed by Corvikinght as it can be a specially bulky flying steel, I wouldn't think it shouldn't be so huge that Celesteela would drop to UU (maybe I'm wrong though), and only showing up in OU for the Power Herb+Meteor Beam. It didn't abuse Pursuit, only about 3.5% ran Flyinuim z, and not too many mechanics changed for it in Gen 8. In fact, terrain even got nerfed, as well as no HP coverage to deal random damage against it. So, why did this mon drop so far?

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Celesteela is very outclassed in this metagame in nearly every scenario. It is outclassed defensively by Corviknight while it is outclassed offensively by nearly every breaker.

Source: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/first-team-built-ever.3673217/

This essentially covers it. However, I will explain why it is outclassed.
It has an over reliability on Leech Seed and Leftovers for Recovery (Combined with its great typing leaves something to be desired) while Corviknight has Roost for reliable Recovery. Additionally, it lacks any Utility outside of Leech Seed while Corvknight gets Defog or Taunt (which it runs on some sets). This is why Celesteela is outclassed Defensively. Lacks reliable Recovery as well as any Utility. It is forced to run Heavy Slam and Flamethrower to hit Mons like Kartana, Rillaboom, Ferrothorn, Buzzwole, among others to not get set up on. It then gets forced out by other threats such as Heatran and Cinderace for example.

Celesteela isn't completely outclassed, it is just hard to fit on just any team, leading to its lower usage rate. It can effectively run a Weakness Policy and Automize set or a Power Herb Meteor Beam set. Unfortunately, it has a lack of Coverage moves that still leave it to be forced out by a Variety of things, specifically Heatran, Zapdos, Blissey and even Toxapex, leading it to be having to be switched out and losing its boosts. This is true in any Format, but especially OU. All of these factors combined with the fact it's hard to fit onto any team, lead to lower usage. It also lacks any role at all outside of an Automize user.

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Meteor beam works offensively, probabaly seen more than automize WP
Also i have never seen taunt corvi
Even pikalytics doesnt shows any taunt useage :P
But ty anyway
Taunt Corviknight is an option on Smogon's set for Corviknight.  And Meteor Beam is used more often, but Weakness Policy can be used with Flash Cannon replacing Meteor Beam.  And np!
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Frm the simple questions not as simple answers thread

Celesteela has to compete with other Steel- and Flying-types such as Corviknight, Skarmory, and Heatran and all of them offer a bigger role than Celesteela and the foremer 2 have recovery in forme of Roost where the latter has a more threatening Dual-typing and can set Stealth Rocks. The issue for Celesteela is not only that it has to compete with them, but also the metagame itself with Cinderace, Zeraora, and other Pokemon such as Tapu Koko it doesn't fare that well in OU currently. While Celesteela can still be used on some team archetypes but when people look out for great Steel- or Flying-types they usually end up with Corviknight on their team, as it can Defog additionally. I hope that helped :)

Hazards, the Grass typing, and options like Knock Off help distinguish Ferrothorn a lot.
Celesteela clashes with a lot of team compositions due to it being a Flying type without Defog, causing awkward overlaps or potential vulnerabilities, and it does not have the other practical elements that Ferrothorn has. It is a Pokemon with solid potential, but when it runs into Zapdos, Toxapex, Slowbro, etc. that can hard-wall it and eventually cripple it or pivot around it so often and it has no way of making incrimental progress like Ferrothorn does, it becomes a major liability.

You can have success with it, but you'd want to have some way to punish or minimize bulky Waters with Regenerator, Magnezone, and offensive Fire types for sure!


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