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For example, Ledyba and Ledian learn Light Screen, Reflect, and Safeguard at level 12 in SMUSUM.

Please also list what level(s) this is true for, the moves involved, and if this is true for Generation VII or Generation VIII.

Please don't question my curiosity.

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Im going to have to question your curiosity here-this question is absurdly hard, you have to go through pages for 1000 Pokémon (twice for many of them) and even if it takes so much as 30 seconds a Pokémon, it’s still hours of reasearch, and it’s only for curiosity. Plus, the answer is on this site.
@primy? so is this a trivia question or not?
I did minimal research, but I found that the Reuniclus line has Light Screen and Reflect both learned at level 24.
Espurr's  entire line (Male and Female evos) learn Light Screen and Reflect at the same level. 30 for Espurr, 34 for Meowstic. Both in Gen 8.

There are many more, but hope I helped!
Hitmonchan learns all 3 elemental punches on lvl 24
Anyone with stockpile and swallow

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