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Do I really need to explain my Question?
I want My Samurott to Learn Role Play
To Verse the Elite Four
To help Me To receive 2 Medals
From Mr. Medal.
So can Someone Please help?


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Route 12
Striaton City
Desert Resort
Mistralton City
Chargestone Cave
Giant Chasm
Route 23

Relic Passage**

** = Dowsing Machine Required
You can also get one from Join Avenue. :D

Hope I helped. :)
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I'm presuming in the antique shop?
You presume correctly.
What do I have to buy for a change for a Yellow shard?
E.G. Dirty Stone, Big Box
Are you asking what 'surprise casket' it is? xD
According to my source it's Chunk S Rank, Chunk A Rank, Chunk B Rank and Chunk C Rank.
Just letting you know, I don't really know what I'm saying since I haven't played Black 2 in a while. xD