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Not black 2, but black. I only have black but my friend has black 2 and he's too lazy to find shards for me (I need some moves from the move tutor) so I want to see if I can find some for him to give me moves.


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In Pokemon Black and White, the move tutors don't require any shards to teach your Pokemon moves, however the moves that they teach require events or high friendship, respectively

Move Tutors

  • Driftveil City: Teaches Grass Pledge, Water Pledge, Fire Pledge, to the starters, respectively(Does not require friendship
  • Route 13: Teaches the elemental beams(Hydro Cannon, Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant). Teaches to the last evolution of the starters, respectively.
  • Opelucid City: Teaches Dragon types Draco Meteor. Requires High Friendship
  • Moor of Iccurus: Teaches an event Keldeo Secret Sword(requires Virizion, Cobalion and Terrakion in party
  • Castelia City: Teaches event Meloetta Relic Song

If you want to collect shards in Pokemon Black you can. They can be bought at Black City, however they have no use, though you can sell them for some money but they cost more then they sell so they are basically useless


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