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They are great places. I just would like to know where are all of these four places?

http://www.serebii.net/black2white2/movetutor.shtml - please do some research before asking questions. Move Tutors are commonly listed on a lot of websites.

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Move Tutors are NPCs that will teach specific Pokemon a certain move.
The first two at the Pokemon World Tournament can only be taught to starter Pokemon from all regions. The one on the left can be taught at any time, while the one on the right requires your Pokemon to have high Happiness.

Pokemon World Tournament
Moves Price
Fire Pledge Free
Grass Pledge Free
Water Pledge Free
Pokemon World Tournament
Moves Price
Blast Burn Free
Frenzy Plant Free
Hydro Cannon Free
>The remaining move tutors require you to exchange shards for moves:

Driftveil City
Move Price
Covet 2 Red Shards
Bug Bite 2 Red Shards
Drill Run 4 Red Shards
Bounce 4 Red Shards
Signal Beam 4 Red Shards
Uproar 4 Red Shards
Seed Bomb 6 Red Shards
Dual Chop 6 Red Shards
Low Kick 8 Red Shards
Gunk Shot 8 Red Shards
Fire Punch 10 Red Shards
ThunderPunch 10 Red Shards
Ice Punch 10 Red Shards
Lentimas Town
Move Price
Last Resort 2 Blue Shards
Iron Defense 2 Blue Shards
Magnet Rise 4 Blue Shards
Magic Coat 4 Blue Shards
Block 6 Blue Shards
Hyper Voice 6 Blue Shards
Electroweb 6 Blue Shards
Icy Wind 6 Blue Shards
Iron Tail 6 Blue Shards
Aqua Tail 8 Blue Shards
Earth Power 8 Blue Shards
Zen Headbutt 8 Blue Shards
Foul Play 8 Blue Shards
Superpower 10 Blue Shards
Gravity 10 Blue Shards
Dragon Pulse 10 Blue Shards
Dark Pulse 10 Blue Shards
Humilau City
Move Price
Bind 2 Yellow Shards
Snore 2 Yellow Shards
Heal Bell 4 Yellow Shards
Knock Off 4 Yellow Shards
Synthesis 6 Yellow Shards
Roost 6 Yellow Shards
Sky Attack 8 Yellow Shards
Role Play 8 Yellow Shards
Heat Wave 10 Yellow Shards
Giga Drain 10 Yellow Shards
Drain Punch 10 Yellow Shards
Pain Split 10 Yellow Shards
Tailwind 10 Yellow Shards
Nacrene City
Move Price
Worry Seed 6 Green Shards
Gastro Acid 6 Green Shards
Helping Hand 8 Green Shards
After You 8 Green Shards
Magic Room 8 Green Shards
Wonder Room 8 Green Shards
Spite 8 Green Shards
Recycle 10 Green Shards
Trick 10 Green Shards
Stealth Rock 10 Green Shards
Outrage 10 Green Shards
Endeavor 12 Green Shards
Sleep Talk 12 Green Shards
Skill Swap 12 Green Shards
Snatch 12 Green Shards


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