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I'm tired of searching Blue Shards on dust clouds, I always find other shard or onix/excadrill/drilbur, I want teach Aqua Tail to my Serperior but I have only 2, also Dark Pulse to my Hydreigon

Lose at the PWT and they'll give you a shard as a consolation prize.

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There are several ways of obtaining shards, I'll list them here:

  • They are hidden all over Unova, use your Dowsing Machine to find them.
  • They can also be found inside dustclouds inside caves.
  • They are given as a consolation prize in the Pokemon World Tournament for losing.
  • Also, certain Funfest Missions will let you obtain Shards, like Exciting Trading, Exhilarating Trading, Find Mysterious Ores, Find Shining Ores, and Find Shards.
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One way to find shards (and other items) is by using the dowsing machine. You may not always get shards, but there is a good chance.

Lol the hidden items are programmed to be a certain item, not there is a chance.