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For the move tutor. I want to teach my Weavile Ice Punch, and my Pignite Fire Punch.

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is this white 2 or white?
there is no way you can get a pignite with fire punch in white
in the question it says white two>
it was  white before he edited

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One more thing: The guy at the Pokemon Center in Nimbasa City gives 10 Red Shards, for free.

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Marriland does the best pokemon walkthroughs.
MunchingOrange is the best.
I wish PM does a walkthrough too.Our site will be the best if such a thing happened.
yup. totally agree on that bro. but it takes a long time :(
True. B/W2 came out ages ago and SuperSkarmory has only beaten Roxie in his walkthrough.
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One such way to get shards is to go to reversal mountain or relic passage.When you see a dustcloud in these places you will get only shards no other items.This is another easy way to get shards.It get be any shard but I got most of them red.

Ditto to Triceratops Rex
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>Win all three matches to earn a set amount of Battle Points (BP). If you lose a match, you will be awarded a consolation prize. The prize will either be a Blue Shard, Green Shard, Red Shard, or Yellow Shard.


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Sorry, but the only way is to keep running around underground. Or, if you get Black, you can buy them in Black City, then trade to White.

Hope I helped!

Sorry I meant White 2.
I forgot the 2 lolz
OR lose the PWT.
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I like to go to Twist Mountain from Driftveil City and start the Fun Fest mission Find Shining Ores!

I always find so many shards, mostly Yellow and Green tho. In the last 2 missions I did I found 45items and 1 red shard but plenty of other colours.

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>If you have a 3Ds, you download "Pokemon Dream Radar''.

If you lose the PWT, you get a randon shard.
Do the funfest misson, "Find Shining Ores!".
Walk around in a cave and wait for a dust cloud.
I got a red shard from a hiker in the Big Stadium during baseball.
A guy in the Pokemon Center at Nimbasa City gives 10 Red Shards free.

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No, it's £15.99
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