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What is the best and quickest way to collect all the shards in Pokemon black and white 2?


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Shards can be found in dust clouds or various other locations in gameI had also asked the same question.You can find shards in Rebirth Mountain but I'm sure I got some all over the place and no other items. There are several shards hidden in the ground that you can get using the itemfinder thing.So get to reversal mountain,look for dustclouds.You can only get Pokemons and shards in it.So in reversal mountain you can only get shards as items in dustclouds.

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And you can enter a PWT with like one lillipup and then purposfully lose to get a shard.
but that takes a long time u know
But if all else fails.....
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I recommend you do the "Find Shards!" Funfest Mission. Go to the Entralink, then walk up to your Entree and press A. If it's not your first time, you have to do another mission first. To complete it, search for sparkling areas. You have to walk up to them and you'll obtain a Berry. Find 3 Berries or more and it's done! After that, new missions will be unlocked. Select "Find Shards!" and it will begin. This time, you'll obtain Shards from the sparkling areas.

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You can go to the PWT and(Especially if you wan to defeat all the tournaments like I do)lose in the tornaments a lot.After your out of the tournament, the lady that entered you will give you a consalation prize, a red/blue/green/yellow shard. If you play the PWT a lot like me, you'll find this way the easiest way to get shards.