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I'm going to have the ability technician with him. My moveset currently is
-iron head
-bug bite
-bullet punch
thanks for any answers.


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Knock Off

Aerial Ace and Wing Attack don't offer much support or coverage, not the most powerful move either. Night Slash is decent but Knock Off will be much more useful and helpful. Its nice to Knock of Lefties, Scarves and Specs.

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I would personally suggest this set:
Scizor @ Life Orb/Scizorite

  • Swords Dance: If you can get a Swords Dance off, you have a really powerful sweeper.
  • Bullet Punch: Obviously, STAB + Technician + Priority makes this move incredibly amazing, especially if you can get a good Swords Dance off.
  • Bug Bite: Great STAB and works great with Technician.
  • Roost (great for staying in longer) or Superpower (if you want a good coverage move to take out Steel-types, which both Bullet Punch and Bug Bite are ineffective against)