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I'm wondering, which move is the best on scizor? Brick Break or Night Slash?

Superpower and knock off are better than both of them.

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Since Scizor's only weakness is the Fire type, none of these attacks can give coverage on this type
So we'll consider types that does neutral damage on Scizor (water, electric, fighting, ground, flying, rock, ghost and dark)
Since Brick Break is super effective against rock and dark types, and Night Slash only on ghost type, I would go for Brick Break

But of course it depends on the other moves you want to give it
Bullet Punch
Swords Dance
Brick Break

That is the moveset I'm thinking of, thx for your help! :)
Yeah that's a good moveset
Bullet Punch is super effective against Rock, but Brick Break is good for your moveset
It should have bug bite and superpower instead of x-scissor and brick break because bug bite and superpower are stronger.
X-scissor is actually stronger than bug bite, but superpower can be a great move too
Bug Bite is stronger because of the Ability Technician.
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It depends on what you're gonna do, and what your other moves are. Both can do good, but how much good they do will depend on what you need to do and what you already have. For example, if you already have Steel type moves for STAB or any other reason, then it shares many shortenings with a Fighting type move, but none with a Dark type move. So, the best one will be the one who complete your arsenal of moves and work well with the other moves you already have. The best one will be the one who doesn't create overlap with the other type of moves you already have.

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If you have covered for your only weakness (fire) then only you may think of keeping this move.
I would go with brick break as it is a good move with a power of 70 and also breaks moves like protect.
On the other hand night slash is a good move with a base power of 70 and has a increased critical hit ratio.
If you compare the two options then it largely depends on your other moves
I suggest going with a good fighting type move

Brick break doesn't break protect. The only things it "breaks" are reflect, light screen, and aurora veil.