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I evolved my Zorua that hatched from an egg and it did't learn Night Slash!!!
I didn't press the B-button,and it evolved at level 30.What happend?!


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This might have to do with Zoroark evolving at Lv. 30. Because mine didn't learn it either. You should be fine if you find the Move Reminder.


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There must be a glitch in the game or else the Pokemon must have been obtained from some cheat (the ditto or the other Pokemon with which you had mated your Pokemon to get zorua ) .For my own zorua had learnt the move night slash at level 30.I can prove that my zorua had learnt the move on lv 30 for I have it with me and if you request i'll make a video or send you pics after my exams april 4 -18

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No!This is in my White 2!!!I would NEVER hack my White 2!!!!