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So, I'm wondering which I should use for my ingame Flying type.(I always use a flying type in my team) I am pretty sure Gliscor has better stats, and better typing, as well as you can get a Gligar and it's evolutionary item, before you get a Staraptor, in terms of the wild Pokémon in the area's levels. But which one has better movepool, and can Gliscor learn Fly. Overall, which one should I pick? Thanks so much!

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Also, as a bonus question, where is the dowsing machine, because you can't get the Razor fang early in Platinum without it.

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You should go for Staraptor

Starly can be found early game. Staraptor has a higher Attack stat, Brave Bird, nice coverage in Close Combat, and higher Speed. It also does not take that long to evolve. Staraptor is a staple on Platinum teams for these reasons (along with access to Fly). Gliscor has no good Flying STAB and its coverage is weak. Garchomp is a better Ground type than Gliscor because it has much higher Attack, much more HP, higher SpD, higher Speed, a solid secondary typing in Dragon, and an actually decent Special Attack stat that lets it use moves like Fire Blast or Flamethrower effectively.

The Dowsing Machine (Japanese: ダウジングマシン Dowsing Machine) is obtained in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum from Dawn/Lucas upon arriving at the Route 207 entrance to Mt. Coronet (Platinum), or near the Route 206 junction (Diamond and Pearl).


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Okay, I'll go staraptor
I picked Turtwig though so that covers water weakness, and Gliscore can learn plenty of moves to counteract Ice, plus it's stats are more spread out, as it doesn't really need special attack. So I'm still not sure.
I'm going to wait to hear the other side as well, before I make my decision.
Fire Fang, Gliscor's earliest move to cover ice types, only has 65 base power, which means it will do less than Earthquake. It does have Stone Edge as a TM, but Staraptor has the stronger and more accurate Close Combat.
Okay, then definately Staraptor.
Wait, where did you get earthquake from?
Gliscor learns Earthquake from TMs.
Oh, I didn't realize that, cool.